Civic Engagement Commission Application

In November 2018, New York City voters approved the creation of a new Civic Engagement Commission. This brand new Commission is being populated for the first time and was the result of a robust participatory process – including the participation of New Yorkers in the Charter Revision Commission’s hearings and ultimately the participation of New Yorkers in voting to establish the Commission.

The purpose of the Commission is “to enhance civic participation in order to enhance civic trust and strengthen democracy in New York City, including through the Commission's own initiatives and partnership with public and private entities related to civic service, volunteerism, stewardship of public spaces, civic education, participatory budgeting, participation in community boards, civic organizations and community groups, and other related activities, and to support and encourage New Yorkers to meaningfully participate in civic life.”

If you are interested in applying to serve on the Commission please fill out the form below. The deadline to apply is Friday, February 22, 2019.

Disclaimer: By submitting an application, you affirm your understanding that, by law, anyone appointed to serve on the Commission must be a United States citizen, a resident of the City, and at least 18 years of age, and cannot serve as an officer of a political party, or be a candidate for nomination for election or election to the office of Mayor, Public Advocate, Comptroller, Borough President, or City Council Member. You also affirm that all statements made are true, complete, and accurate. Further, please take note that an application submitted on this site may not be the only method by which candidates for appointment are identified by the appointing authorities, including the Mayor, and does not create a right to any further process or to appointment to the Commission or to any other City position. We very much appreciate your interest and thank you for your submission.

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