Addressing Quality of Life Issues in New York City Neighborhoods: Request for Expressions of Interest

In accordance with Local Law 102, the Mayor’s Office is calling upon community boards, council members, and business improvement districts to submit information that will inform the process of creating neighborhood support teams. Support teams will work within existing City resources to address quality of life issues in specific geographic areas.

This request for expressions of interest is designed to draw on the insights of community stakeholders to better understand the specific issues affecting New York City’s neighborhoods and residents. This includes but is not limited to graffiti issues, road and sidewalk quality, street cleanliness, noise pollution, public space issues, and access to city services or community centers.

The City will analyze the results of these submissions and release a report on the findings, which will inform a formal application process. The application will include a written form and may have other components such as stakeholder interviews, community meetings and/or objective conditions observations. The application will be scored based on objective criteria, to be determined by the results of the request for expressions of interest. Sample criteria may include: the comprehensiveness and complexity of the issue, whether addressing this issue would promote equal access to public resources and services, whether there have been prior attempts to address these concerns, and the level of community buy-in.

Once the neighborhood support teams are selected, they will coordinate across agencies and use the insights and ideas of local communities to creatively address the issues identified over the course of one year. All fields are required, excluding the attachments section.